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Posted by DID on 28 Oct 2015 [No Comments]
Chez Moi Bakery

If Chez Moi was in a trendy store front downtown, there’d be a line around the block. As it stands, you should hit up the Chez Moi bakery anytime you happen upon their van, especially when their parked outside cocoa Cinnamon and you can pair one of their baked goods with a cup of coffee.

Chez Moi keeps their menu simple with just a few options daily. Always on the board is a rum cake, a panna cotta and an ice cream “cakewich.” It’s for this cakewich that …

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Posted by DID on 27 Oct 2015 [2 Comments]
Soom Soom Pockets

As I’m going to catch up on some long over due posts (apologies, we had a baby in August), I’m going to keep the next few posts short and sweet. First up, Soom Soom pockets.

Soom Soom brings a bit of beloved Mediterranian Deli in Chapel Hill to the streets of Durham. Med Deli makes Soom Sooms pitas for them out of organic flour. We tried their chicken shwarma pita recently, a bit pricey at $9 with no sides but you’re paying for the quality, responsibly sourced ingredients. It …

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Posted by DID on 20 Aug 2015 [2 Comments]
Taco Nacos

In that eye-catching, impossible-to-miss bright yellow/red building on University (just behind the Target), Taco Nacos is the latest taco/papusa/torta joint to occupy that  space. Formerly Coma Rico (among other things), Taco Nacos has done the most with the space behind the check-cashing venture.

They’ve painted, upgraded the menu and gotten rid of the gift shop in the back. Don’t be put off by the line at the check cashing/convenience store in the front, just head straight back to the taco counter where you’ll find an impressive menu of …

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Posted by DID on 14 Aug 2015 [3 Comments]
Mesa Latin Kitchen

Open in the seemingly doomed location on Hillsborough, we were actually fans of Gregoria’s – especially their Sunday brunch on the patio. However, most nights and weekends, it was sadly empty. In light of the light crowds, Gregoria’s has rebranded itself into a contemporary latin restaurant – Mesa Latin Kitchen.

The remodel though not extensive did a good job of refreshing the space – they’ve added a hostess stand, updated the lighting and refreshed the paint. The patio, a sadly overlooked and …

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Posted by DID on 16 Jul 2015 [No Comments]
Purple Monkey

Purple Monkey is a bubble tea shop/ice cream parlor in a strip mall behind the Target on 15-501 with plans to expand into fair foods. Yep funnel cakes and corn dogs.

Currently they’re offering a wide variety of iced boba teas, blended frozen boba teas, coffees, a selection of hand-scooped Hersey’s ices creams, Dippin’ Dots, shaved Hawaiian ices, milkshakes, fruit smoothies, baked goods, canned Asian drinks and a small variety of penny candy and toys. It’s a bit of a mishmash as they figure out …

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Posted by DID on 14 Jul 2015 [One Comment]
Cousins Maine Lobster

The Cousins Maine Lobster truck serves up fresh Maine lobster rolls in a chilled/mayo version or a hot, butter (Connecticut-stye) version. They also offer lobster and shrimp tacos, clam chowder, lobster bisque, tater tots covered in lobster and cilantro cream and the classic Maine dessert – whoopie pies.

This is a locally-owned truck that is a part of a bigger Cousins Maine Lobster franchise, that many folks might remember from their turn on the popular show Shark Tank. Apparently they have a direct connection with some lobstermen in Maine …

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Posted by DID on 23 Jun 2015 [10 Comments]

My grandfather worked for Celenese in the seventies and his job took him (and the rest of the family including my dad) from Charlotte to Venezuela. My dad came back to the states for college and the grandparents stayed in South America for over a decade. When they returned to North Carolina, they brought back with them a giant stone water filter and family arepas nights.

My grandmother would break out the bag of masa, hand form the patties and drop them one by one …


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