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[20 Aug 2015 | 2 Comments | ]

In that eye-catching, impossible-to-miss bright yellow/red building on University (just behind the Target), Taco Nacos is the latest taco/papusa/torta joint to occupy that  space. Formerly Coma Rico (among other things), Taco Nacos has done the most with the space behind the check-cashing venture.

They’ve painted, upgraded the menu and gotten rid of the gift shop in the back. Don’t be put off by the line at the check cashing/convenience store in the front, just head straight back to the taco counter where you’ll find an impressive menu of …

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[10 Aug 2014 | 2 Comments | ]

Sol Taco is a southern-inspired taco truck that is serving up locally-sourced ingredients on freshly made flour tortilla shells. It’s pretty awesome. All you really need to know is – BBQ and pickled okra in a taco. Seriously, BBQ and pickled okra in a taco. Unfortunately for us, Sol Taco mostly sticks to the streets of Raleigh.

We caught up with them outside Beer Durham, Durham’s newest bottle shop, and ordered one of each of their four tacos (buttermilk fried fish, roasted chicken avocado, burger and …

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[27 Jan 2014 | 7 Comments | ]

There’s a really great spot in Loehmann’s Plaza masked as your average Speedy Gonzales Mexican restaurant. Though El Corral does actually serve the ubiquitous Speedy Gonzales, they do so along side some really outstanding authentic grub.

I’m sure most everything on El Corral’s menu is probably tasty and I have sampled the Shrimp Diablo (spicy grilled shrimp) and Mojarra Dorada (whole, grilled fish) and both were great; but honestly – I’ve never ordered anything other than the taco plate.

At El Corral, you get your choice …

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[11 Oct 2013 | One Comment | ]


It’s time for the second block party of the year in Old North Durham.  Will & Pop’s will be there.  So will Capt. Poncho’s, among others.  Though of particular interest is the presence of (former) Old North Durham resident, Pork in the Road.  It’s a great opportunity to taste some goodies from a food-truck-in-the-making.

Since I took a shine to Pork in the Road when it was campaigning for crowd-sourced funds, I contacted Mr. Thompson to catch up on his progress.  He has plans drawn up …

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[20 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]

For downtown Durhamites, Northgate Mall is the closest mass retail spot. Sure it’s quirky and feels a bit like stepping back in time, but occasionally one has to venture inside – be it for the DMV, a Hallmark greeting card, a neon spandex jumpsuit (widely available), an airbrushed tee or just to satisfy an Orange Julius craving.

When you do find yourself in Northgate Mall needing a quick bite to eat, you  could do worse than the newish taco stand – Baja Shack. Owned and operated by the …

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[16 Feb 2012 | 10 Comments | ]

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I understand the appeal of the fancy dinner, the candlelight, the white linen table cloths and the army of silverware and china – really I do. But, personally – to celebrate the day of all things heart shaped – I prefer the dark dives, wing-sauce covered fingers, giant burgers, ice-cold longnecks. My husband has indulged me with drives to Ronni’s Wing Shack outside of Winston, Zack’s dogs in Burlington and take-out pizza.

This year’s plan involved papusas at Los Comales and bowling …

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[19 Sep 2011 | 43 Comments | ]

Nanataco is a nod to the traditional taqueria made more palatable for gringos from Scott Howell of Nana’s. Bright yellow walls, chalkboard menus, open garage doors, picnic tables – all make this an inviting space.

Nanataco offers burritos, nachos, tortas, salads, quesadillas, tacos, etc. They have a classic meat and a dirty meat menu. Their classic meats include garlic beef, pork butt, chicken, beef tongue, chorizo and grilled veggies. The dirty meats are duck confit, pork belly, hog jowl and lamb cheeks (these have an …

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[19 Jul 2011 | 8 Comments | ]

Salamandra re-opened earlier this summer on Hillsborough Rd., just next door to their former location, and it is a really great addition to the authentic Mexican food scene in Durham.

We tried it out for lunch and were really impressed by the food and the warm, welcoming owners.

Our table of three all went for tacos – $1.60 each. We choose a mix of al pastor, carnitas, lengua and chorizo. All were really good and served on …

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[23 Jan 2011 | 7 Comments | ]

More good news for Durhamites! Every Sunday for the foreseeable future Motorco Music Hall is holding Sunday “brunches.” Every month a different band will do an artist residency at Motorco playing shows on Sunday afternoons. The shows will be free, bloody mary’s will be served and – most importantly for Carpe Durham readers – the Ko Kyu BBQ truck will be parked outside.

Ko Kyu BBQ is an international-inspired food truck run by “Flip” who, when not dishing out awesome food from the …

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[10 Aug 2010 | 13 Comments | ]

*UPDATED with more pictures from TUF*

Pollos La Carbonera is that bright orange and yellow building you pass right near the Fayetteville exit of I-147. Bull City Wings was its last incarnation, but now it’s a Mexican stand with a drive-through window around the side and another window up front to order from on foot. There are a few picnic tables to sit at that provide a nice view of downtown and a breeze. Carpe Durham had some good comments on the food soon after they opened.

You can only …