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Mattie B’s Public House

Posted by DID 3 Sep 2013 9 Comments

Mattie B’s, the newest venture from the folks behind much beloved Six Plates, opened this past week in one of the strip malls near Hope Valley. Mattie B’s is sandwich/pizza place with a diverse beer selection. Despite a pretty large menu, Mattie B’s is an order-at-the-counter, casual joint. I recommend grabbing a menu, ordering a beer and sitting down for a minute instead of deciding at the counter.

In addition to the dozen or sandwich and pizza options, Mattie B’s is specializing in house-made chips with a variety of toppings. There are a dozen or so mostly-local beers on tap and almost 100 beers by the bottle.

We stopped in this weekend and gave two of the sandwiches a try – the Dirty Bird (grilled chicken topped with bacon, caramelized onion, pepper jack, lettuce and tomato on a Guglhupf bun) and the bacon/lettuce/avocado/tomato on toasted white bread. We also tried the forest forager chips (homemade chips topped with mushroom powder, tomatoes, and almonds). Everything, as one would expect from the Six Plates folks, was excellent.

Mattie B’s is sourcing locally whenever possible and seems to be making pretty much everything (including the ketchup) ┬áin-house. I look forward to stopping back in to try the pizzas and wings.

Considering they’ve just been open a week, Mattie’s B has a lot of potential and will make a great lunch/dinner option in South Durham.

Mattie B’s Public House

1125 W NC Hwy 54, Ste 301
Durham NC, 27713

Open daily – 11 am – Midnight


  • Ralph Haygood said:

    This is good news! I like Six Plates, and I love fresh potato chips. Also, there’s never been any place in that neighborhood I was excited about except for City Beverage. So I’ll be trying Mattie B’s very soon.


  • LBD said:

    I stopped by Saturday night to grab a slice of pizza, really really good. Thin, the bottom was crispy and the sauce was more savory than sweet which I like.

    Went back last night with the family to further sample the menu. The burgers were also really good. we ordered a small pizza as well. It was good but the crust while still nice and crispy on the bottom was thicker and doughier than their by the slice offering that I had the night before. It also could have stood to stay in the oven about five more minutes. If you like your cheese browned and bubbly I’d ask for well done.

    I’m not a beer guy but they seem to have a huge selection.

    The only criticism I would offer is to get rid of the instant Brisk iced tea for fresh brewed.


  • Div said:

    Meh. It’s nice to have something that’s not City Bev (who seem to have completely given up on serving fresh, edible food), but I wasn’t that impressed by my first visit here.

    First off, the menu is laid out terribly and really hard to decipher at first glance. Take the above recommendation and sit down to look at the menu. They also have a giant, giant beer menu that is 4-5 pages long, and kind of sucks to try and wrap your head around while waiting in line and ordering at a register. I also hate that you have to get up from your table and go back in line to get another drink. I really hope they switch to table service at some point. There was a guy with an iPad at the front register, maybe he was supposed to float around and take second orders?

    The food was fine. Burger was decent, bun could have been toasted, meat better seasoned, but fine. I thought the chips were way too thin, they just crumble and don’t hold the toppings. I got the Spanish ones with chorizo, pimenton and manchego and they were ok, but not really worth the $3 up charge. Friend’s chips seemed to come from the bottom of the bag–so thin that they were just crumbs and not really edible. Food came out in about five minutes, which meant that the chicken was pre or par-cooked, which seemed weird.

    Overall, ok, and I’m sure will get better, but I hope they change the ordering system.


  • RRG said:

    We ate there the other night. The food was good minus the chips being a pile of crumbs. My issues are that they need table service or a way to get drinks and the such to you without having to get up and go to the counter every time…that became a real pain when they had a line at the single cash register….and being that I just wanted a plain ole good beer, the selection was not for me as they only offered PBR.


  • tess of the durhamvilles said:

    We had a great evening here on Friday. We sampled a little bit of everything on the menu: spanish inquisition chips, medium hot wings, a “mattie” melt, and a pizza plus a couple of draft beers and ciders.
    My first comment is BEST WINGS EVER. They were meaty and delicious and not greasy and had the perfect hot balance. We dipped our few remaining chips into the sauce to not waste any.
    The chips were delish, and were a great starter as we took our time to look over the menu.
    The “mattie” melt was crazy good, with caramelized onions and pimento cheese.
    We were too stuffed to finish our pizza, but the crust had a good char on the bottom, and it was tasty.
    I think the key to ordering here is the same as at Six Plates: take a menu to your table (perhaps with a drink to assist in the decision making process) and then decide what you want to eat.


  • JDL said:

    We ate at Mattie B’s for lunch today. I have to say that I agree with other comments regarding the unnecessary complexity of the menu. However, after taking a few minutes to decipher the menu we placed our order successfully. . . and, the food was delicious- burger was moist, well seasoned, and tasted very fresh. Chips were really tasty. The housemade ice cream was awesome. Will definitely be back to try the pizza and wings!


  • tarheelJ said:

    Had the Hawaiian Volcano Pizza on Saturday and it was great! They forgot to put basil on the pie, but the flavors were outstanding.


  • RhythmUNC said:

    Have to echo the comments about having to return to the cash register to get additional drinks (I’m also lamenting the apparently universal move to $5 local pints – there is a downside to distributor deals). There is no bartender to speak of and one must wait in line for subsequent refreshment – though they do allow you to run a tab, which helps somewhat. I also agree with others regarding the chips – the idea of various homemade chip dishes is neat, but you can’t really eat them as chips because they are tiny and brittle. Having said that, the pizza has been very good on two occasions and, like a previous commenter, it is great to have somewhere other than City Beverage to get a quality microbrew. Just wish it were laid out a bit differently.


  • Kim said:

    I was not overly impressed with this place. I ordered my burger medium well and it was out to our table in about 5 minutes. When I cut into it, it was almost raw. They cooked another one for me and it was much better. I am not sure that I would go back. The food was just “OK” and there are so many great places to eat in Durham.


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