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Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop

Posted by DID 30 Jun 2013 19 Comments

Durham has a new butcher/sandwich/sweet shop in the spot that housed Glassworks for years – Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop. Owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Rose’s Meat Market is a welcome addition to the Bull City.

The fresh, newly painted white space is filled with cases full of meat, counters of fresh pastries (macarons, pies, bread), a dairy case (local milk, veggies, cheese, beverages), freezer (pasta, fresh stocks) and shelves of local goods like Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Butter and Counter Culture coffee. Both times we stopped by we were greeted by a large half butchered pig.

Rose’s is also offering daily sandwich specials. We tried the prosciutto, oyster mushrooms and kale sandwich. It was served open-face style on thick, house-made bread and topped with a rich bechamel sauce. Needless to say, it was excellent. Thick hunks of prosciutto, local mushrooms and kale on a bread that was hefty enough to stand up to the toppings – it’s definitely a knife-and-forker.

Part sweet shop, part sandwich counter, part grocery store and part butcher shop – Rose’s fills the void formerly only filled by Whole Foods for fresh, local meat.

Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop
121 North Gregson Street
Tue – Sat: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm


  • Ben said:

    We got some excellent sausages here the other day. They also have some Anson Mills products (hard to find except online), tubs of lard and stock, Melina’s fresh pasta, and caramels made with lard. It’s cute and clean. We’ll be back for sure. Note there’s no place to sit and eat inside.


  • CK said:

    I was excited to hear this was in the works, but after watching two demos at local farmer’s market I was turned off by the handling and cross contamination of food to everything around it (table, handouts, etc.). I can’t in good conscious even step foot in his place.


    Katie Meddis replies on July 8th, 2013 at 2:44 pm:

    It’s not easy to work at a Farmers Market on a small table for demos its not the same by any means as working in a restaurant. I can assure you we follow all proper sanitation practices in our shop. Everything is out in the open so we do our best to keep our work environment clean. You should not judge us on a demo, that just isn’t a fair comparison.


    VanBriggle replies on July 8th, 2013 at 10:01 pm:

    We stopped by the shop last weekend. It was spotless, and the meat we purchased was delicious. Rose’s is a welcome addition downtown.


    Mc replies on August 11th, 2013 at 12:47 pm:

    I have been in the shop at least a dozen times and it is one of the cleanest spots in Durham and as a service industry professional with over 15 years experience, every thing is more than above board.

    Bob replies on August 17th, 2013 at 8:47 am:

    CK has her head up her butt.


  • Gigi said:

    This concept is kind of odd to me. Seems like they’re trying to do so many different things rather than specialize on one thing and do it well. Why not just focus on the meat? It’s not like we have a sweet shortage in this town. That said, I’ll give it a try and hope I’m proven wrong!


    Katie Meddis replies on July 8th, 2013 at 2:41 pm:

    The concept is a meat market and sweet shop because I am a baker and my husband Justin is a butcher. The idea came about so we could work together that is why we are not just focused on meat. It works for us because I can make the bread for the sandwiches, puff pastry for the sausage roll and a lot of people have come in to buy dinner and they can pick up something sweet for dessert. Hope you come check us out.


    RRG replies on July 8th, 2013 at 3:41 pm:

    Katie…You don’t have to explain yourself, do a good job and people will come! I cant wait to stop by and get a good cut of meat, and also contribute to my blood glucose levels!


  • John said:

    This is place is awesome! I went and got sandwiches for lunch, some meat for a special dinner and a delicious Catalan pot de creme to snack on. I love it! I just wish that Katie and Justin would open a restaurant too so I can eat even more of their foods. And regarding the contamination and cleanliness matter, I’d eat a tartare off the floor of this place because it’s so damn clean there.


  • Alicia said:

    This place is great! bought some chorizo, tasty, fresh. Customer service as impeccable. Reuben sandwich was delicious and reasonably priced as well. We didn’t get a chance to try the desserts, but will definitely make a trip back very soon.


  • Gigi said:

    I stopped in and I have to say that I like this place. Great service, bright and fresh interior. I got a gorgeous goat cheese, bacon and olive tart and some meat for grilling later. I like that many of the desserts are smaller (not oversized and gluttonous), making for a nice treat. Pastries also seem to be more high-end than most other spots in town…a nice differentiator. I’ll be back!


  • Sant said:

    Great addition to Durham! Amazing sausages and cuts of meat you won’t find elsewhere. The quality is unsurpassed.


  • joefood said:

    stopped by late on saturday, and much had sold out – both meats and baked goods. luckily, there were some lemon tarts left. hands down it was the best baked thing I have gotten in Durham in ages (and our city doesn’t exactly sleep when it comes to baked things). I assume the butchered meats will be equally wonderful. First impression – Rose’s is a great addition to the Durham food scene. Now, if we could just get a couple of really good Asian joints ….


  • tarheelJ said:

    My father went there last week and raved about the chicken he got to cook on the grill. Fresh, not fatty and wonderful taste! Pretty good kudos for chicken.


  • BobinMass said:

    Figured late on a Sunday there would be some good stuff left. There was, just not what I came for. So, I went for the bread pudding, a small delmonico steak for dinner, and a torte. I thought I made the best bread pudding in the world….but Rose’s blew mine away. The aged beef is absolutely delicious. Seriosuly, if you are gonna pay a lot for a good cut of beef? Pay a dollar more a pound and get it aged. Though I think saying it was a dollar more is exagerrating. Haven’t tried the torte yet, but neverless, it was well worth the drive across town ( I live in North Durham). I can’t wait to see what a prime rib roast for X-mas tastes like coming from Roses.


  • kanisha said:

    This kind of article is not related to me. Seems like they’re trying to do so many different things rather than specialize on one thing and do it well.


  • Steve Bocckino said:

    They ARE concentrating on what they do well—they just happen to do both sweets and meats superbly.

    Their pork products are superb. I’ve tried the pork chops, the smoked chops, Alsatian, Calabrese and Andouille sausages, and all were stellar. I have been looking for pork chops like these—marbled and succulent—for 20 years.

    On the sweets side, we’ve tried the pistachio and almond cakes and the chocolate tarts, and they were wonderful.


  • JC said:

    The fencing club just moved into the neighborbood and my daughter is a member, so I just heard of Roses?? It sounds like the most delicious concept straight from my hometown – NYC. I hope you will accept the fencing club with open arms because the members will bring tons of business your way. I know I will be stopping in tonight to see what’s on tap!! I cannot wait to buy meats and sweets for the weekend! Hurrah a true blue butcher shop and pastry chef under one roof? It’s calling my name!


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