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Posted by DID 19 Dec 2011 10 Comments

Baguettaboutit, a new sausage/baguette truck, hit the roads of Durham last Friday night and it oddly feels a bit corporate. They already have t-shirts with a pithy slogan “wanted bread or alive,” clever sandwich names, a video screen in the front window showcasing their wares, and cute little pre-printed ordering bags.

The concept of Baguettaboutit is European-style fresh baguettes stuffed with a variety of sausage and sauce options. Their pre-printed ordering bags have their sausage baguette options and a design-it-yourself form. You walk up, write your name in sharpie on the bag, select your sandwich and hand it to the guy in the window. It’s a pretty cool ordering system. We were told all of their sausages are from Giacomo’s Italian Market in Greensboro and their baguettes are brought in from Rhode Island.

All baguettes are $6.50 and the menu options all sounded excellent – they include bratwurst with beer mustard, chorizo with habenero sauce, and a sweet Italian sausage with roasted red pepper sauce. We went with “It’s Greek tU Me,” which is chicken spinach sausage with tzatziki sauce and a “U Talking to Me,” a hot Italian sausage with basil tomato vinaigrette. Note – I found it impossible to take a flattering picture of a sausage-stuffed baguette.


Not surprisingly (they’re sausage-stuffed baguettes) both were good. I found the “It’s Greek tU Me” could have used more tzatziki (which I think was a dill/Greek yogurt combo – no cucumber), but this is their first week of operation. The “U Talking to Me” was the tastier of the two as the basil tomato vinaigrette lent itself better to the all in one sandwich concept. I dig the portability and limited mess of the sausage-in-a-baguette design. Though Baguettaboutit doesn’t have anything for vegetarians on their current menu, they were offering a vegetarian-friendly pimento cheese with red pepper special baguette all weekend.



  • Vicki Gardner said:

    Looking forward to tracking this truck down for a nosh.


  • Laura Miller said:

    I’ll give them a try though right off the bat I’m a little down on them for not buying all their stuff locally.. I mean really, how MANY bakeries are there around here? They couldn’t find somebody local to bake the baguettes?


    Dee replies on December 21st, 2011 at 12:22 pm:

    Agreed, when given a choice between this one and another local supporting truck, I’ll choose the latter. Their truck looks glitzy if that’s actually possible for a food truck.


    DID replies on December 22nd, 2011 at 11:41 am:

    Baguettaboutit did tell the Shakori folks (who were using them for an event) that they are working on local sourcing for their bread.


    beebs replies on December 23rd, 2011 at 4:47 pm:

    Um, Loaf? Guglhupf? Rue Cler? 9th Street Bakery? I’m sure any of them would provide baguettes….geez.

    Rob replies on December 26th, 2011 at 5:37 pm:

    Actually, Guglhupf and Rue Cler aren’t taking any new clients. Not sure about 9th St, but in the past they’ve been full.

    I’ve heard the owner is in talk with some of the newer bakers in town, though.

  • LHG said:

    It isn’t just a baguette–it needs to be a baguette that is easily hollowed out to hold the sausage. I spoke to the owners on their opening night, and the company they use for their baguettes makes bread SPECIFICALLY for this purpose, therefore its hole structure and other physical properties is best suited for being hollowed out and turned into a vessel for a sausage.


  • Madalice said:

    I was visiting a friend at UNC and we went to grab a bite and noticed the same food this food truck is selling was being served in their cafeteria. It’s got to be the same stuff. Locally made sausages served in baguettes with about 8 sauces to choose from. Someone told me the chef listed as an owner for bragguetaboutit is the director of food services at UNC so it makes sense.. Hospital food though, yikes! What next?


    MEZ replies on January 23rd, 2012 at 1:59 pm:

    I haven’t been there in some time, but UNC hospitals have made a concerted effort to improve the quality of their cafeteria food options, and my friends who work there have all been happy with the changes and with the good options they offer that aren’t what you think of when you ask for hospital food. Anyhow, if they are related, I highly doubt Baguettaboutit is taking their wares for a run through the hospital before getting on the truck.


  • Sheila said:

    If you’re not so politically correct that you won’t eat food that you don’t feel comes from the right place, this stuff is FANTASTIC!


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