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Chirba Chirba

Posted by DID 22 Aug 2011 7 Comments

The first time I experienced Chirba Chirba was outside of Fullsteam during one of their pre-open-for-business dumpling raids. It was kind of the dream – to be sitting outside, sipping a beer when a yellow truck pulls up and a tray of free dumplings is tossed in front of you. That day, I was lucky enough to get to try the soup dumplings and a basket of edamame. Both were excellent and left me wanting more.

Now fully operational and on the streets of the Triangle, I had a chance to try Chirba Chirba again outside of Motorco during the Sunday Bloody Brunch (really if you’re not making it to this weekly, free event – you’re missing out).

Chirba Chirba’s menu is pretty simple – a tray of pork dumplings, a tray of veggie dumplings (fillings vary day to day) or a tray of pork soup dumplings. All are $5 or $6 and come with a side of edamame or sweet pork sausage.

They also offer a sampler tray with two of each dumpling variety for $6, which is what I ordered adding a side of edamame ($2.50). Once you order, the dumplings come out quickly and Chirba Chirba has four dipping sauces available (curry, sesame, spicy, black vinegar). All of the dipping sauces were excellent. The dumplings are served steamed, though I later learned you can order them fried for an extra 50 cents. The dumplings are pretty small and though a portion of six sounds like enough, it left me hungry.

This is only their second week in operation, so I’m guessing they are still working out some kinks. During the dumpling raid, the edamame was bright, green, salty and fresh. On Sunday, it was overcooked, limp and lacked enough salt. The soup dumplings during the raid exploded in flavor and broth, on Sunday they had no soup. The veggie (bok choy and shiitake this day) were my favorite, the shitake filling and pineapple topping adding a nice, bright flavor. The traditional pork were fine, but I think maybe the fried option would have added a nice texture and enhanced the flavor. I was lucky enough to try a friend’s sweet pork sausage side, which was really good. It tasted kind of like a small, dense summer sausage – salty, sweet pork goodness.

Because of the excellent product Chirba Chirba doled out during the dumpling raids, I still have high hopes for the truck and look forward to trying them again. The bright, cheerful Chirba Chirba truck is a fun addition to Durham’s mobile food fleet and worth checking out.

Chirba Chirba


  • Food Guy said:

    I read that Chirba Chirba translated to Eat, Eat. Maybe it should be re-named to Wait, Wait.

    The dumplings were really tasty. I had the sample platter. My favorite was the soup dumpling. On par with restaurant quality. With dumplings the wrapper is just as important as the filling. Well done.

    As far as the wait..
    I hit up the truck last Thur when it was outside 3 Cups from 5-8p. I arrived at 5:25. There appx 6 people waiting for their food and another 5 in front of me waiting to order. I put in my order at 5:35. There only 4-5 things on the menu. No reason it should take 2 mins per person to order and pay. I recommend people visit International Soup Kitchen in NYC (i.e. the Soup Nazi). Know your order before you get to the window. Do the math in your head and preferably have exact change. Cash over credit card is highly encouraged.

    I watched all the orders come out ahead of me. None were huge party size orders. Yet it was 35 mins before my order and the orders of the few ahead of me were ready. At 6:10 I finally had food in hand; by the now the line was 20+. I hope those folks planned to buy a bottle to open immediately at 3 cups because they weren’t going to eat until 8:30 at that pace.

    Does anyone else had an excessively slow experience with Chriba (excluding the Rodeo, which was just crazy everywhere)? This is Asian street food. Supposed to be cheap, tasty & quick.


  • Kid Stardust said:

    50 cents extra for fried? Sheeeeit


  • Jonn said:

    Yeah the prices are intense… 5 pork dumplings are $7, and its not enough to fill you up.


  • JBlink said:

    Looks awesome and I can’t wait to try. Hope they have some money to burn through though, looks like a very nice truck and all that full color printed material can’t be cheap (amazing disclaimer in the soup dumplings!)


  • Mattie C said:

    A great concept that could work really well in the summertime. Where I currently work, there is a limited range of food choices for lunch. Besides the staff canteen, there are 3 other shops in the vicinity – your bog standard sandwich shop, a computer store that sells harddrives, like the Seagate Freeagent Go 500gb, and an upmarket Thai restaurant. My colleagues will yearn for something like this for the sheer variety!


  • Janny said:

    Although one may think the price is high, I have realized that everywhere in this area, you have to spend least a dollar for a dumpling. The Chirba Chirba offers the best. By the way, the green bean thing they have is a lot cheaper than you can get in Wholefood.


  • Katie said:

    loved chirba chirba–and love your write up! we just wrote them up on southern part of heaven, too!



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