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G2B Gastropub

Posted by DID 17 Jun 2011 13 Comments

G2B, a new gastropub from Shane Ingram of Four Square and One fame, opened a few weeks ago in the seemingly doomed spot that has housed Starlu and Restaurant Eden. And this past Wednesday, I drug four friends to G2B for what we thought would be a casual dinner and beers.

Despite a trippy, psychedelic website and logo, G2B’s interior is swanky and urban with lots of white and red leather. It felt like a place one would find on Glenwood South, not behind the Target in Durham. On a Wednesday night, it was pretty empty and most of the men were wearing collared shirts. We sat outside.

G2B does have an excellent and affordable beer list with four or five North Carolina Breweries on draught and an extensive list of bottled beer. They also have a dozen or so wines by the glass and bottle.

Having been to Four Square a few times for special occasions, it was the food I was most looking forward to trying. Our table of four ordered pizzas and burgers. EntrĂ©e’s range from $12 for a pizza to $23 for veal schnitzel. The burger is $13, which is pricey but the meat is ground in-house and it comes on what seemed to be a housemade bun with marinated tomatoes, lettuce, housemade pickles, colby and a caper-cornichon tartar sauce concoction. Yada yada – I know $13 is steep for a burger in the Bull City – but it’s really good.

The pizzas were large enough for two to split and richly indulgent. The tomato mushroom (on wheat crust, marinara, mozzarella) was beautiful, piled high with tomato quarters, fresh greens (arugula) and a pesto (maybe garlic ramp). The mushrooms were plentiful and the pizza had the punch of lots of parm. Our other pizza, Moroccan barbecued chicken, was a fresh take on a BBQ chicken pizza. Though not listed in the description, instead of marinara it had a caramelized onion jam that was loaded with gouda and wilted greens. The chicken hunks were large and flavorful, spiced with cumin, tumeric, garlic, etc. I’m guessing some of G2B’s ingredients are sourced locally based on pricing but the menu and website don’t mention it.

The food was solid and the service friendly, but this isn’t the casual beer/burger joint we’d hoped it’d be. Despite the groovy logo/website, hip tunes (Matt and Kim) and a Wii by the bar, G2B still feels kind of stiff. But G2B should fill a niche in Durham for folks who want an excellent beer selection and new take on classic bar food in an upscale setting.

Note: Sorry for the crappy pics, the lighting in G2B is tough.

G2B Gastropub
3211 Shannon Rd Ste 106
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 251-9451
Mon-Sun 5 pm – 12 am


  • burgeoningfoodie said:

    I wouldn’t expect anything too casual from Shane. I hope it survives, but it may need some tweaking after the first month or so. What I have yet to understand is why there is no advertising of this place on the streets that go by it. I know where it is but newcomers or people not taken there would have no clue.


    Seriously? replies on July 6th, 2011 at 12:22 pm:

    After the crap that foodies throw at every new restaurant in town when it opens, I don’t think I’d want ANY coverage of a new restaurant for weeks after it opened. Or any damn Yelpers for that matter.


    Kid Stardust replies on July 6th, 2011 at 3:03 pm:

    Yes, heaven forbid restaurateurs actually be on their game from the moment they start selling their wares to the public.


  • Burger F. said:

    The food is waaaaay too expensive. I had the burger & it was all right, but not mind-blowing. Certainly not worth $13.


  • klo said:

    why would a restaurant opening in 2011 advertise itself as a gastropub?


    Scott replies on June 19th, 2011 at 8:54 am:

    Why wouldn’t it? Is that just too 2010 or 2009 for you?
    Seriously we went there last night. The burgers were great. The decor was neat (kind of mod but understated.) The location is baffling though.


  • scott said:

    i dont think 13$ is that unreasonable for a burger, go to bull city burger and see how much you pay for a burger then add 3$ for fries, g2b has one of the best burgers in durham


  • NOK said:

    We went last Saturday night. The burger was excellent – good crust on the outside but still pink in the middle. The GM mentioned that they were still getting used to the wood-fired grill and having trouble maintaining temperature, so haven’t been perfectly consistent yet. Pricewise, it’s in line with the quality of the burger and style of the restaurant. If you want a cheaper burger, there are many places to get one. If you want a very good burger, in a classy but low-key setting, with a wide variety of other menu options for your companions, this is your spot.

    The barbecued chicken pizza was also great – the greens were a nice touch, their bitterness complementing the sweet onion sauce, and decent grill flavor from a brief visit to the wood-fired grill before serving.

    We also got the bibb “wedge” salad, which was alright, but didn’t quite hang together like the other two dishes.

    Hard to say how they’ll do in this location. They’ve got a big sign on the building out front, but then so did Starlu. I hope they last, because it’s a nice option to have.


  • Brian said:

    I went, the food is good; the beer list is good (though the beer list only gives the names of some of the beers and not the type of beer it is); and the location is horrible. I cannot imagine that a bank would loan money to open a restaurant in a spot like that.


  • Alicia said:

    They’ve recently changed up a little bit.

    The menu prices are all down (the burger is down to $10 I think?).

    And got rid of that ghastly logo.


  • Scott said:

    Went last night. Food was okay, service was garbage.

    I want to echo that the beer list is poorly laid out…lengthy descriptions for bottled beer, but if you don’t already know what type of beer something is, the menu won’t tell you and the servers don’t know.

    We were seated for over five minutes before we even got menus. Appetizers took 30 minutes to arrive and mains 20 minutes after that. The restaurant wasn’t even crowded.

    The white pizza was okay. The ribs were good. The grilled chicken was okay, but it was clearly sauteed and not grilled.

    I don’t normally like to criticize such young restaurants, but this place has a clear aesthetic vision, but terrible service and an unremarkable menu. I have very little patience for form over substance.


  • ilovefetacheese said:


    SO and I consider ourselves easy to please but I was really let down by this place.

    So here we go:

    Really nice and swanky looking. I loved the open bar and chef stations. People were casually dressed and I didn’t feel out of place in my dark jeans and coat.

    Comfy seats, nice tables…but we were seated right in front of the door where the hostess said “could get drafty”. She WASN’T KIDDING. We couldn’t wait to LEAVE. No one should have to sit there. I had my sweater up to my neck and I was FREEZING. I dreaded the moment when someone opened the door. This could easily be fixed by putting a hanging wall frame (cloth) between the entrance and seating. I literally couldn’t enjoy my food and our hostess and server didn’t even ask if we wanted to be moved. I should have asked to be moved by SO didn’t want to cause a problem.

    Food service:
    Fast and friendly. Our server wasn’t super attentive but not disengaged either. average i’d say.

    Food: Ok. I WANTED to love this place. Really.

    (PS Carpe durham, i have pics of the food but I don’t know if anyone is able to write reviews? I can send them to you if you want.)

    We started with three bar foods: smoked salmon toast, goat cheese croquettes, and figs wrapped in prosciutto.

    Salmon toast – nothing special. Very salty.

    Goat cheese croquette – the best thing we had all night. Served with a spicy aioli – it was luscious.

    Figs – awful. Dry (i think they were dried figs?), burned to a crisp (seriously, black. I have a pic), and could barely taste the pork.


    I got the arctic char which was served with brussels sprouts. It was ok – the sauce was very sour.

    SO got the pork shoulder confit – I traded my meal for his. It was served over cabbage which had a lovely pickled texture. The pork meat was divine but there was one problem – the piece of shoulder were served had about 3 bits of meat and then the rest was cartilage. I’m all for eating fat, but this was the chewy, rubbery stuff that you don’t wanna eat!

    I wanted to stay for dessert but the draft from the door was so cold that we couldn’t pay fast enough. We ended up going somewhere else for dessert.

    Anyways, I hope this review helps someone so if they decide to go, they’ll know where NOT to sit and what NOT to order. The burgers and pizzas looked great.


  • tarheelJ said:

    We dropped in tonight to try out G2B with family and friends. Walked in and were told there would be an hour and a half wait to be seated. Looked around and there were at least 6 tables open and no one at the bar (and no one waiting.) They didn’t even suggest sitting at the bar or open areas to have a drink and wait. Parking lot was mostly empty. Considering their location, you’d think they would be happy for walk-in traffic…

    We don’t think we will go back. The disinterested hostess really turned us off. Went to City Beverage and they were very accommodating.


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