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Geer St. Garden

Posted by DID 6 May 2011 26 Comments

So no restaurant deserves to be judged by the first official night it’s open. (Though if first night is any indication, Geer St. Garden will be our go-to neighbored restaurant/bar this summer.)

These are just some quickly snapped pictures from opening night to give folks a sense of the place. They have a solid small menu and will be doing nightly specials. Everything we had was great. Deviled eggs are the classic variety mom makes. The onion rings were crispy and fresh and the sriracha/mayonaisse dip a hit. The cheese/salami plate was small but satisfying. The fish tacos were crispy, fresh and a lot of food. Also really dug the sangria, it’s spicy with cinnamon.

Full review to come in a few weeks.

644 Foster St.
Durham, NC 27701

Hours: Mon-Thurs 11:30 am – Midnight
Fri-Sat: 11:30 am- 2am
Serving food from open till close.



  • Rob Gillespie said:

    My excitement can’t be contained.

    What about beer selection? I recognize about 6 of the 14. Is 14 a correct count for drafts?


  • burgeoningfoodie said:

    Would you liken this to something like a Milltown in Carrboro as far as atmosphere and type of foods served? Also, if the salami plate is $10 bucks and that is all you got… I don’t care if it is local or organic.. that is pathetic. Otherwise, looking forward to the report.


  • Rob Gillespie said:

    Oops. I found the menu:



  • rmurphysf said:

    I agree. My partner and I shared the salami plate on Friday. It was a bit less than what I was expecting for $10. I also wanted homemade pickles with my salami and cheese given that I was expecting (and paying for) everything fresh and local.

    That said, I will probably be there often since we live in Old North, just a few blocks away. I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops.


  • beebs said:

    That salami plate does look pitiful….but the fish tacos and interesting cocktails will draw me there!


    DID replies on May 13th, 2011 at 11:49 am:

    Got the salami plate last night and they have increased the amounts – you get two cheeses now and more salami.


  • Carol said:

    Regarding the Deviled eggs:I was hoping for some southern style eggs w/sweet pickle relish. Next time I go, I’ll try the fish tacos. They were out of those the night I was there.


  • disappointed said:

    I just spent $13 and change for a disappointing cheeseburger and fries with a glass of water – the burger was either terribly overcooked despite being order medium rare or was a frozen patty thrown on the grill (unlikely). The fries were adequate and the dipping sauces nothing exceptional. Like BCB, it tasted like a burger made by someone who doesn’t love cheeseburgers, from the burger itself to the bread and the toppings. Makes one appreciate the miracle that is the burger served at the Federal topped with Gruyere.


  • James said:

    Ate at Geer Street last Thursday for lunch. Had the Reuben, and it was excellent! Plenty of food, grilled and hot, but not soggy or overly greasy. Fries were standard, but lunchmate had the side salad, dressing was warm and tangy. Waitress was very pleasant and accomodating. Unable to try the beer selection, but plan to return someday soon after work.


  • RobC said:

    Agreed that the burger was just OK and overpriced. However, the fried chicken plate is exceptional. Great value for 9 bucks, with three big pieces, slaw and potato salad. It’s a ton of food and incredibly delicious.

    The atmosphere of the place is amazing. The cross current makes it very pleasant to be in.


  • KrellPw said:

    Just ate at the Garden this evening. Wasn’t overly impressed. It was fine, but unexceptional. The burger was ok, but for $9, I agree with some of the other folks who posted, it should have had something to make it stand out more. All in all a pleasant place. But it’s not going to be front of mind, the next time I want a burger and a beer.


  • Leigh said:

    At here last night with my husband. He had a burger and a couple of beers. I had the pimento grilled cheese sandwich. He really liked his burger but was disappointed in the beer. He said the beer was ok but that there were many great local brewers who had better beers that were not represented. I don’t drink beer so I can’t comment much here.

    The pimento grilled cheese was fine. I wouldn’t make a special effort to go out and have it again. The man sitting next to me (we were sitting outside) was having the fried chicken. He really enjoyed it. However, he also noted that it was not spicy. I think some spicy fried chicken could be great!

    My husband and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. We’ll go back even if the food is just fine. It’s a nice place to get a drink and hang out. My only issue was with the service. Our server was awful. It took her a good seven minutes to come to our table, and then she never brought me my drink. I had to get someone else to get it for me. She didn’t bring our food (which is fine. I can understand that), but she also never checked back with us in a reasonable amount of time to see how everything was. My husband eventually had to wave his arms around to get her to bring us our bill. It looked to me like other servers were better and we just got a dud.


    Hammer replies on May 26th, 2011 at 10:03 am:

    For a dozen drafts, that’s a pretty well thought out list. Good variety and not a dog on the list.


  • Dave said:

    I just got the cheese and salami plate today–it hasn’t gotten any larger than the pic above, and is a bit skimpy for $10. Good, though.


  • Malissa said:

    Had drinks, the cheese plate and “The Pile” last night. We sat outside and the space was great. “The Pile” was delicious and quite a generous plate (we split between four people). The cheese plate could absolutely be larger – another piece of cheese, a few more almonds, etc. but I say that because it was tasty and I want more. Our server was very pleasant and plenty attentive. Overall a great place and I’ll most certainly go back. (PS. not a beer drinker and was so happy they had bottles of Original Sin cider!)


  • Colleen said:

    Four of us tried Geer St. last night and we all enjoyed it! Initially we sat at the bar until a table was open outside; it was a beautiful Friday evening, so it was nice that we could grab a beer, sit at the bar and still enjoy the outside weather, thanks to the large open doors. We are definitely beer drinkers and we were satisfied with the beer menu (Mother Earth Kolsh on tap was delish and perfect for a summer night).

    Because I like a good, medium-rare burger, I did not order it once the waitress said the chef has chosen not to cook their burger to order (“state law”, as constantly advertised by neary-by Bull City). So, I ordered the bratwurst sandwich with sauerkraut. Our table also had the “Pile” with 4 sauces (gravy, cheese, garlic aiola, srirachanaise), BLTs with advocado, as well as side salads. The salads were fresh, with large, green, local romaine lettuce. My only complaint is that I wish they had more dressings to choose from.

    I loved my bratwurst sandwich; when they first brought it out, I was concerned because it came in a huge bun. But the bread is very light and airy, so it did not smother the brat. The sauerkraut was excellent; best I have had in a long time. We were all happy with our experience and will definitely return. The outdoor seating is wonderful, but even if you have to sit inside, the restaurant is very open, so you get a nice breeze no matter where you sit. Another bonus, is you can walk up to Motorco and Fullsteam afterwards for more drinks!


  • Anna said:

    I will usually wait a couple of months after a restaurant opens to check em’ out, just so they can work through their kinks, and let the hype die down, but I’ve eaten here twice already!

    The Reuben is fantastic and they will doctor up your burger however you want it… bacon, jalapeƱos and pimento is where it’s at! I tried a sip of my friends sangria and it was also yummy, with lots of hand squeezed juice. However, I have heard from several sources that the fish tacos need a little more kick or flavor.

    My favorite aspect of this place is that it’s atmosphere. It is a great mellow place to hang out with friends and family, with no TV to distract you, nice outdoor seating, and great lighting. It just feels like a positive environment.

    I’m thrilled that this place is with-in walking distance of my house. I’m sure I’ll be back quite frequently!


  • Peach McDouall said:

    Really enjoyed our first trip last night, even though a good Indy review had come out that day and they were BUSY.

    Snaps for putting devilled eggs on the app menu! Wish more places would do that. These were classic (aka undistinguished but yummy). Hubby loved his fish tacos and had fun trying to use up all the condiments. I was surprised to hear him say he didn’t want dessert. At 6’4″, he rarely fills up. I’m gonna try those fish tacos some time soon! I chose the reuben with a house salad. Very good, both. Guglhupf bread and house-corned beef were excellent, and (I thought) a good value at the price.

    We sat at the bar, since it was ridiculous hot outside, and enjoyed the attentions of two nice bartenders. I’m spoiled by working in a brew-pub, but thought their draft selection was nicely thought-out. Considering the crowd on a weeknight, service was great: one bartender noticed the sheen of my hot flash and offered me a compassionate glass of ice water. Bless that man! The proprietor was on the scene and busy, but made time to say hi.

    This Milwaukee girl will go back soon to try the locally-made brats. Although I [full disclosure] work at BCBB, I see these two hot spots complementing one another nicely. BCBB’s got fabu home-brew and better burgers, y’all have a nice cozy bar feel and a more diverse menu. Here’s to the Bull City! Foodie heaven at reasonable prices!


  • Fritz said:

    My experience

    Where they may come up short with some of the food expectations they make up with, a very pleasant atmosphere and polite service.

    Those thing go a long way , proximity to Fullsteam a major plus


  • TerriF said:

    We went here when it first opened and the food was OK, so this time we decided to order take-out since they are always so busy. I ordered the bratwurst/sauerkraut and salad and my partner ordered the chicken dinner. What a mistake. They obviously were not meant to be a take-out type of restaurant, which is fine, but then don’t offer this service. The food was cold. When we went there to pick up our order, they had it sitting on the FLOOR!! They thew the salad, bratwurst w/bun, and the sauerkraut into one box, so the bun was wet and soggy (I threw it out). The chicken dinner was packaged in one box also and instead of coleslaw they added a 1/2 ear of corn on the cob. The corncob was very small, and looked like it might have been a left over. Very disappointed and don’t think this place is really worth the effort.


    Donny replies on July 16th, 2011 at 1:39 am:

    You should call or write the owner. I have had nothing but great food and service from Geer St.


  • » Blog's archive » Good Eats said:

    [...] Geer St Garden in Durham. Fantastic bar food and great beer. Try the Bell’s lager. [...]

  • RenaissanceGirl said:

    I just had late lunch/early dinner there.. I have to say I was underwhelmed. I had the chicken wings, they were tastey but nothing to make me do backflips…I also ordered the fish tacos…This was the first time I had fish tacos where the fish was fried..I am used to the fish being grilled and chopped….also nothing came with it. no chips and salsa or rice or fries, and it was 13 bucks…Atmosphere wise the place was small and cute,, however it is kind of odd to walk in the door and tables are directly infront of you..not to mention the abundance of flies (again the booths are directly to the right of the door)……

    Even after all that I may try it again and give the chicken or burger a try….I will sit at the bar or outside when the temp goes down…Why you may ask??? The service as OUTSTANDING!!!!!!…..here’s hoping that the second time is the charm!!! :-)


  • J_Ronn said:

    Deviled eggs?!?! Yes, please! I also must say, I am guilty of enjoying “The Pile”… I’ve always had good service too!


  • Meredith Clough said:

    My husband and I went out for drinks last Sunday night. Bartender was very attentive. I ordered a salad and deviled eggs. Food was good. The atmoshpere is what I liked most about this place. We will be back.


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