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Green Leaf – CLOSED

Posted by RPP 24 Mar 2009 17 Comments

A new Indian place has emerged from the ashes of Taste of India and the very short-lived Madras.  Green Leaf (4215 University Dr.) “always serve[s] awesome food.”


If there is a way to bias us in favor of liking a restaurant, putting “awesome” in the sign is probably it.  That aside, the food was very tasty, especially for the second day of operations.

We don’t want to comment too much on the food because they only had a buffet and the actual menu was not ready yet.  The buffet had several interesting options that we hadn’t seen before and everything was fresh and flavorful.  If we had a criticism, it would be that some of the sauces were too runny.

Apparently the menu will be broad, but will have a particular focus on South Indian cuisine.  For the buffet ($8.50 weekday, $10.50 weekend), they plan to focus on a different region depending on the day of the week.

The service was great.  We will be back to check out the menu when they are in full swing.  Hopefully this place lasts longer than its predecessors.


  • Justin said:

    I’m looking forward to trying Green Leaf.

    For a directory of Indian buffet hours and prices in the area, see my post here: http://wehrintheworld.blogspot.com/2009/03/directory-of-indian-buffets-in-triangle.html


  • christopher said:

    So this is a new owner? I figured they just got a new sign – the last owners only there for a few months then?


  • burgeoningfoodie said:

    The following question is not a question of dispute so much as fact finding…

    How do you know the buffet food was fresh?

    Separately… You mention the interesting items not seen at other buffets, but you do not mention what they may be as it may interest others.

    Do you know if their buffet has some mainstays whilst others change daily?


  • Carpe Durham/Reasonably Prudent Person (author) said:

    I said it was fresh because it looked and tasted fresh, and we got there pretty early.

    Unfortunately, I was in a hurry so I didn’t write down any of the things I thought were interesting. One thing they had that I don’t see around here very often is rava kesari (semolina cooked with sugar, raisins, cashews and lots of cardamon). It was really good.

    I don’t have any more specifics on the buffet.. given that they hadn’t even finalized their menu yet, I suspect they might not even know themselves.


  • Sant said:

    Taste of India’s food was quite good (this coming from an Indian). Easily better than Dale’s and more interesting that Kebob House, and IMO, Sitar Palace’s equal at a better price.


  • Adam said:

    I went to Green Leaf for their weekend lunch buffet today and I was plesantly surprised. The food was flavorful and spicy. The sambar and masala dosa were very good. I am so glad there is a place in Durham where you can get some good south indian food.


  • Sant said:

    Went for lunch today and this place is fantastic! The chef is from Tamil Nadu region of India so his spicing defnitely has a South Indian hand. I had the non veg kal dosa and my wife had the veg kal dosa. Kal dosa is thicker than a traditional dsa, which is more crepe like, whereas as the kal dosa is more like a crisy flat pancake. The chef’s choice meat for my dish turned out to be chicken chettinad and it was very delicious. My wife’s veg dish turned out to be a spicier version of navratan korma, creamy, slightly sweet from the veggies and lovely fragrance of warm spices. The best thing about this place is the curries tasted very different from each other. The name of the restaurant may imply they are vegetarian and that may be their bent given they are South Indian but there are plenty of non vg dishes, which I think sets it apart from other good South Indian joints in the area like Udipi Cafe and Tower. I also liked that they offered a wide variety of dishes, not just the typical tandoori, tikka malasa, etc., of other Indian places. The service is very friendly. Anand and Stalin (yes, that’s his name and he’s proud of it) are generous and friendly characters. Lastly, the prices are reasonable– much better than Saffron, my current reigning Indian restaurant champion. I know it’s been just one meal but I am already willing to call this place one of the best Indian restaurants in the Triangle and if the same quality and experience follows after the next few visits I am already leaning towards naming this place the best Indian restaurant in the Triangl,e IMO of course.

    And no, I have no affiliation with these folks. I just trying my best to get the word out because this place needs to survive.


  • apathy said:

    I had the Indo-Chinese version of their buffet this evening and it was really good. My ladyfriend ordered off the menu, and the briyani she had was spicy and delicious. The word on the street is that the buffet on Fridays will be the spicy buffet. The waiter (owner?) gave me a list of which buffets are which days, and apparently they are “themed” which sounds strange but the dishes on each day look pretty good. I could type it out if anyone would like.

    On the downside, there was a very large High School Musical 3 balloon for no good reason in the dining room. That movie is like a cancer.


  • Carpe Durham/Reasonably Prudent Person (author) said:

    That would be awesome if you typed it out. I am really glad to see this place is tuning out to be good.


  • Sant said:

    They do have a website. It is very rudimentary, made by some members of the church they attend. A lot of items they have on their menu is missing on the website but it will still give you an idea of the wide variety of dishes they serve.



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  • Barbara said:

    I was there tonight for their vegetarian buffet (it’ll be vegetarian every Thursday). Amazing food, great service! Tried several items I’d never tried before. A zillion times better than Udipi. I’m not as familiar with South Indian cuisine as I am with North Indian so I’m not completely sure of what I ate, but it was all delicious…


  • apathy said:

    Here goes the buffet list of food per day thingamajig:

    Tuesday – North Indian – Pav, bhaji, boiled rice, dal of the day, Chicken tikka hasala (may have meant masala?), veg. dish, spinach dish, parveer dish, Pulao or Biriyani, tandoori chicken, naan, and dessert.

    Thursday – Vegetarian – Idly or Vada, Bhaji, Pongal or Upma, steamed rice, special rice, poriyal, poori or Bhaji, veg. curry, paneer dish, spinach dish, dessert

    Friday – South Indian (he called it “Spicy” night) – 2 appetizers, spl. idly, sambar, gobi chettinad, chettinad biriyani, chicken chettinad, chicken makhani, Chicken tikka masala, naan, steamed rice, goat curry, 2 desserts

    Saturday – Green Leaf Special NIght – 2 appetizer (1 veg, 1 non-veg), boiled rice, hydrabadi dum briyani, Chicken tikka masala, goad curry (they may have meant goat, I’m not sure), fish curry, channa masala, bhatura, spinach dish, paneer dish, naan, veg. khorma, 2 desserts

    The other nights are all presumably the Indo-chinese nights (on their website but I’ll post it anyway) – Chilly chicken, Gobi nanchurian, veg. soup, non veg. soup (was a kind of hot and sour soup thing when I was there), fried rice, veg. in sechnan sauce, steamed rice, chicken tikka masala, navrathan khorma, naan, dessert, noodles

    I apologize for an misspellings, its probably a good combination of mine and theirs.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to trying the tuesday or friday buffet. I wish I remembered anything specific from their real menu, but it escapes me at the moment.


  • Sant said:

    Thank you for the time and effort it took to do this.


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  • chun0091 said:

    OMG! Went here after seeing the CD post, and it was AMAZING! My roomie and I both had the buffet, but were randomly brought some other treats from the kitchen (not sure what it is though…large pancake like thing with a small pile of yellow potatoes and other veggies). The curry chicken was super good and way more complex in flavor than I have had at other Indian restaurants in Durham. I also thoroughly enjoyed the chicken biryani and a veggie dish that I can’t remember the name of. I also LOVED the fact that they had masala chai included on the buffet. I can’t wait to try the Indo-chinese food!


  • Carrie Gonnella said:

    Does anyone know what happened to Green Leaf?! We went there tonight and the door was locked, lights were out, and their phone number is disconnected. I am so upset! Could they possibly be closed for good?


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