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Posted by RPP 10 Nov 2008 21 Comments

Creedmoor’s Pergamon has opened a second location in Durham (3520 Hillsborough Rd.). 


Pergamon is a mediterranean restaurant with an extremely varied menu (think Friday’s meets Italian with some Greek thrown in).  They have tons of beef, seafood, pasta, and pizza options.  They just opened on Saturday, so they are still working out the kinks, but overall it was a positive experience. The staff is extremely friendly, and they are definitely dedicated to making the place a success. 


This is the Olympia pasta dish, creamy sun-dried tomato pesto sauce with ziti pasta ($10.95).  It was one of the more flavorable pasta dishes I have had in Durham, including at the high-end places.  The price includes one trip to the salad bar. Recommended. 


The gyro was good, and definitely worth the $6.95.  I think I prefer the gyro at Satisfaction’s, though.

This place is worth stopping by if you are in the area and looking for affordable eats.  Especially if you are eating as a family, there will almost certainly be something on the menu for everyone.  Most of their menu items are available for take-out. 

Su-Th: 11 am – 10:00 pm
F: 11 am – 11:00 pm
Sa: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm 


  • Rik said:

    I had the Mediterranean Pizza today. It was VERY good. Thin, light crust turned up around the edge with a sprinkle of sesame seed on the edge. This is a white pizza, no tomato sauce, lots of garlic, feta, spinach. I believe it was $9.95.


  • Peter said:

    I went there last week.

    The kid’s pizza was excellent.

    The adult pizzas on the other tables looked good.

    My wife had the fettucine alfredo which was much better than I expected.

    I had a burger which was fine but the fries weren’t great.

    The salad bar was small but nice.


  • Randy G said:

    The wife and I went to Pergamon a couple of weeks ago. Server apologized for their just getting started, but we had no complaints. Portions were generous, food well done, clam chowder outstanding. Only quibble was tails left on shrimp and a few stray pieces of chicken in my wife’s seafood dish. We will definitely go back.


  • peanutbutter said:

    We were out Sunday at lunch, looking for a place to eat. I remembered that Carpe had given Pergamon a favorable review and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, I totally forgot about your line “think Friday’s meets Italian with some Greek thrown in.” That is a very accurate description (minus all of the TGIF flair). Has there ever been anything worth eating at a Friday’s ?


  • Carpe Durham/Reasonably Prudent Person (author) said:

    Correct answer: Yes — mozzarella sticks while hungover.


  • nancy said:

    Had the chicken parm, it was AWFUL. The chicken was like rubber and extremely chewy. The pasta that accompanied it was tasty and salad was good. I requested a different dish it was that bad, which they did without complaint, ended up with pizza, AWESOME! Overall good experience, would go back but never get the chix. parm!


    SJK replies on June 1st, 2010 at 10:55 am:

    The new owners have changed the menus and the food all seems great. Our adult daughter’s favorite meal is the ckn parm and white pizza!!


  • Jim A. said:

    My wife and I had the lasgna today, and it was superb. Very tasty. Nice salad bar, one trip included. Prices reasonable. Our waitress was very efficient, attentive, and very friendly. Definitely will go again…soon.


  • MoFood said:

    So, I noticed as I drove by here today that the name has changed to “Bergama”. Is it still the same restaurant under a new name?


    SJK replies on June 1st, 2010 at 10:58 am:

    New owners – much better food and service. Owners take personal pride in the restaurant. Great lunch specials.


  • Van Davis said:

    My wife and I have eaten there several times. Her favorites are the seafood dishes and soups. I like the small pizzas and kabobs. However, if you go just for desert I think it will be worth the trip.
    Their chocolate cheesecake or baklava were great.


  • kwixote said:

    I tried this place — now for some reason under the name “Bergama” — the other day for lunch. I was excited to try out what I thought might be a real Eastern Mediteranean place, with visions of kebabs and falafel and humus dancing in my head.

    However, I found it very unexceptional — and not worth the price. The hostess/waitress was distant. The only other people there were a few older people — which is often a bad sign for me. (I don’t seem to like the same kind of “home-style” food the older population does.)

    The menu was mostly just sandwiches, pizza and pasta — the same as any old Italian place. On the list of specials was a chicken kebab, so I ordered it. It arrived in about 8-9 minutes with some warm pita, a standard (iceberg & romaine lettuce) generic Greek salad (a couple of pitted olives, a bit of tomato, one half of a small dolmas), some dressing and some tzatziki sauce in a plastic cup. The pita was good, the salad was fresh and fine, and the dressing not bad. The kebab was very good indeed.

    However, the cost for this one very good kebab — at lunchtime, no less — was $11, not including tip! I would be happy to pay $6 for this, and maybe even $6.75, but this kebab and bit of generic salad definitely was not a meal worth $11 plus dollars.

    Of course, I have not tried this for dinner, and hopefully the dinner menu has a bit more care and variety. But I’m not likely to want to check it out.


    Gary replies on October 25th, 2009 at 3:41 pm:

    OK, you should be writing for this blog. Or start your own. Great comments.


    YAR replies on October 25th, 2009 at 4:26 pm:



  • blewgo said:

    He should ask Bob Griese about stereotyping people.


  • MoFood said:

    Some of you may have seen the $4.99 lunch special sign outside. My daughter reported that the waitress told her this is just for spaghetti & meatballs with a side salad, FYI.


    SJK replies on June 1st, 2010 at 10:52 am:

    $4.99 listed on the board outside is for different daily specials – Always worth trying and to get great food with fast friendly service too!! Much better than the drive thrus and cheaper too!!

    Might even get a hug from Mama too!!


  • Restaurant openings report | Carpe Durham said:

    [...] BERGAMA RESTAURANT (3520 HILLSBOROUGH RD., DURHAM, NC, 27705) (note: see the latest comments on the Pergamon thread) [...]

  • ACW said:

    We went to Bergama on Hillsborough Rd on a whim tonight… Very impressed with the food, portions, and customer service.


  • Fuqua said:

    The name of the restaurant changed because it changed owner. Bergama is Turkish name for Pergamon. The owners are really sweet couple and the chef, wife, is very passionate about the food and perfection.
    I know about Turkish food very well and I can say that this is a really good Turkish restaurant. Their Turkish dishes are really worth trying. I believe that it is also good lunch place for Duke students like me too. Everyday they have a seperate dish as a lunc special which is around 5 dollars. Also I like their Philly Steak too.
    The atmosphere may seem like a American-Italian type but I can say that it is the best place around the area that you can taste Turkish kebaps. Don’t forget to say hello to the owners if you visit the place too. They are really friendly and caring to customers.


  • Jeremy said:

    Looks like they just closed, according to the H-S



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