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Yes, you can get great sushi in Durham

Posted by RPP 26 May 2008 21 Comments

While I am not a sushi expert, I have eaten a lot of it in a lot of places (including Japan), and Shiki Sushi (207 W NC Highway 54) can hang. It is very good and surprisingly fresh — every time. The secret on this place got out early last year, triggering a large expansion and renovation inside. It is now fairly trendy, and absolutely packed on the weekends (at least while school is in session). I have heard comments that the growth has caused a decrease in quality, but this is not something I have noticed (although prices have increased). Go here, and go often.

A word of note: the sushi is buy-one-get-one-free, which means any individual choice is overpriced. What you need to know is that they combine everyone’s orders together for the purposes of determining what is free. If you are going with someone who only likes big complex rolls, and you are ordering pieces of sashimi or nigiri, it is probably going to cost you more than you want it to since the $2 pieces would be free and you would pay for the $11 roll. Therefore, it is far better for everyone at the table to order similar things (expensive rolls, or sashimi + nigiri).


(Example of expensive, but still very good, rolls that were forced upon me because of their buy-one-get-one-free system.)


  • Sarah said:

    While I do enjoy Shiki from time to time, I have found that I much prefer Akashi which is located near 55 and 54. Unbeatable prices and incredibly fresh fish!


  • Sofers said:

    I’m with you on enjoying Shiki. I went there for my birthday and sat at the sushi bar. The sushi chefs made me a special roll and were super friendly.

    Also worth mentioning, they have great daily specials on drinks. wednesdays you get their martinis for 5 bucks. they have a great dirty martini. saturdays i think is half off wine bottles. pretty good.


  • Greg Barbera said:

    Peony Asian Bistro in the Patterson Place shopping center off 15/501 which houses a Kroger has some pretty freshly awesome sushi.


  • Jeni said:

    Great review. I love Shiki. It’s the only thing I miss since I’ve moved out of Southwest Durham. Anywhere to get good sushi in Central & Northish Durham?


  • Jen said:

    I also love Shiki Sushi and I have good news for you, Jeni. A new sushi place has opened on Erwin Road in the Erwin Terrace shopping center, near Duke Hospital and West Campus. (If you love NOSH and Shade Tree coffee, you already know the area.) I understand this new place Sushi Love is owned by the same people who own Shiki Sushi, so I have high hopes. I haven’t eaten there yet, but I plan to tonight. Give it a try!


  • Carpe Durham/Reasonably Prudent Person (author) said:

    Indeed! Sushi Love is owned by one of the 2 brothers that own Shiki. Apparently the sushi is just as good although the selection is more limited. This is AWESOME.


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  • Sushi Lover said:

    I went to Sushi Love on Erwin last night and it was excellent. The sushi is similar to Shiki in quality and taste. I will definitely be going back for more. I’m so excited I don’t have to drive all the way to SW Durham for decent sushi anymore!


  • Jeni said:

    AWESOME news!!!!! Thanks to everyone for finding this place!


  • Martin said:

    I’ll have to try Sushi Love. I’m an Akashi regular, and IIRC their head sushi chef used to work at Shiki Sushi.


  • Britt B. said:

    I’m a big fan of sushi love, while they have a smaller selection of fancy rolls, their location (closer to duke park) and atmosphere (way better than the sushi-themed nightclub atmosphere of shiki) make sushi love way better than Shiki is now. I recognize several of the sushi chefs from years of going to Shiki (I ate at Shiki when they opened 7 years ago).

    I like Sushi love better than Mt. Fuji, or Cafe Zen as both of those places tended to produce Nigiri that tasted slightly of refrigerators, which Shiki/Sushi Love has not.

    I wish they would vary the music more, I really can’t take any more DMB.

    One of these days I’ll try their non-sushi menu.


  • DNR said:

    I’ve had the red curry, and it’s totally forgettable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t venture off the sushi menu once in a while!


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  • David said:

    In the past few months, Shiki’s fish has gotten even better. The last time I went for lunch, on a Wednesday, I got the sushi deluxe. WOW. The fish was unbelievably fresh. The yellowtail was incredible. I love Shiki. Can’t wait to try Sushi Love.


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  • Mike said:

    My wife and I go to Shiki Sushi on a semi-regular basis. I can honestly say I’ve never eaten a bad meal there. The fish is fresh, atmosphere great, and the service good.


  • Julia said:

    As a semi-newcomer to the area, I’ve been debating whether to hit up shiki sushi or sushi love, but now I don’t need to pick! I can go to one knowing that I’m not missing out on the other. Awesome!
    of http://www.hazelnutblog.com


  • lmarie said:

    can you please add something more meaningful to your (multiple and repetitive) posts?! Provide reviews please!


    judas_escargot replies on November 20th, 2011 at 4:57 pm:

    It’s not a real person; it’s automated comment spam.


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