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Posted by GNR 25 Apr 2008 13 Comments

I have been feeling very sorry for myself lately, so I decided to take a break from sitting in front of my computer not studying to go out for some tacos while not studying.  La Superior  (3325 North Roxoboro) provided a perfect diversion–it’s like a Latin American market nested inside a Latin American grocery store.  It has an almost carnival atmosphere that I knew would put me in a better mood.


Juice Bar      



We could have gone grocery shopping in Superior’s full-service grocery and butcher shop, but the goal of today’s trip was to get some tacos.  The cafeteria area is tucked into the back part of the store and is divided into a panaderia/tortilleria, juice bar, and taqueria.  Each of these separate shops occupies a wall in a very large room which a mysterious staircase that apparently leads nowhere right in the middle of it.  Tables and chairs are set up around the staircase.  And, of course, there are always televisions on playing soccer or telenovelas.

La Superior has an impressive salsa bar

First, we stopped at the taqueria and put in our food orders.  I got a taco pastor (these have pineapple!) and a chicken tinga tostada, and my friend got a taco pastor and a taco de tripa.  I like lots of vegetables, so I buried my food under a large pile of salsa and cilantro at the salsa bar.  At the juice bar, I picked up a nice fruit cocktail of fresh papaya and pineapple, and my friend got an agua fresca de mango and an elote (ear of corn) slathered with crema, then sprinkled with soft white cheese, lime juice, and chili powder.   No, I am not sure why corn on the cob would belong to the juice bar section.  Either way, it was pretty delicious.  My friend says that fully-loaded elotes are difficult to find in the area.


Beautiful Elotes

Pastor on the Left, Tripa on the Right

My friend is a taco pastor expert and thought that they were only so-so, but I really liked mine.  The meat was way more tender than is often the case, and infused with a subtle pineapple flavor.  The chicken tinga had just the right amount of smokiness, and they gave me an extra tortilla for the top, like a sandwich.  I’d never had tripe before–it was OK, basically superrich like any other organ meat.  It was not too dry or chewy as my friend had feared.


After we ate, we checked out the grocery.  The butchery is pretty impressive, with whole tilapia, big steaks, and an entire case filled with various dried pork skin products.  There’s also a good array of fresh fruits and vegetables, jars of honey with honeycomb, and a kitchenware section where they sell huge stockpots and comales.


Various pork products

Lots of beans!

A note on getting there:  it comes up very suddenly around a bend on Roxboro.  Be vigilant, or you’ll drive right by it.


  • TSQ75 said:

    their goat tacos are pretty fab too! I think its actually crema on the corn cob…that’s what they told me at the first taqueria I had it, and rolled in cotija cheese, and sprinkled with chile powder.

    Their seafood area makes an amazing ceviche that you can buy by the pound! Before they renovated and added that whole taqueria area, it was just the market, and they had a wagon outside, where they’d sell ceviche tostadas along with everything else….mmmmm


  • carpedurham said:

    Thanks for the correction!


  • catracho blanco said:

    the bubble map that pops up for La Superior at the beginning of the post is for a place in Louisiana…i’m just sayin’.


  • carpedurham said:

    ach. sorry.


  • pez said:

    Just wanted to say that their tacos al pastor are amazing. Sometimes we just buy a couple pounds of the meat, a couple pounds of their fresh made tortillas, grab some salsas from the salsa bar and take it all home. Keep the taco al pastor meat warm in a slow cooker and people can assemble the tacos to their own liking. Yum!


  • Sarah said:

    We really like buying their frozen hand-made tortillas (near the torterilla). They are thick and have a sort of crust around the edges…super tasty.


  • Phil said:

    While I dig the sound of “Roxoboro” as you typed it up top, a correction to “Roxboro” might help any out of town friends who go looking :-)

    Related to “Roxoboro” but unrelated to food (I hope), George Carlin once mentioned in an aside, “I like it when people pronounce “cockroach” “cock-a-roach”.


  • Suzanne said:

    This is awesome, I was in NY in spring 2008 (three years ago) and we went to La Superior! The food was excellent. Oh, the memories … :-)
    I also remember I was shopping for corsages at the time.


  • Timothy said:

    Those elotes are really beautiful and I would assume that their flavor is beautiful as well.

    Pity I cannot find them anywhere in my locality :(

    Timothy Cassar
    Webmaster Cash Advance Loans


  • Allison Clark said:

    Those tacos look delicious! Mouth watering. Looks relatively healthy too. I wish we have them in our area.


  • Rebecca said:

    Postre looks delicious! I’m sure to check it out when I visit that area.

    Rebecca, standard garage door sizes


  • chix said:

    This is sad, those looks so amazing and yummy but I don’t know any recipe of them.


  • Jenny said:

    Fantastic photos, it makes me wanna go there this instant. The colors are so vivid it looks like they will jump right out of the screen.
    Jenny, light field photography


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