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Posted by DID on 16 Jul 2015 [No Comments]
Purple Monkey

Purple Monkey is a bubble tea shop/ice cream parlor in a strip mall behind the Target on 15-501 with plans to expand into fair foods. Yep funnel cakes and corn dogs.

Currently they’re offering a wide variety of iced boba teas, blended frozen boba teas, coffees, a selection of hand-scooped Hersey’s ices creams, Dippin’ Dots, shaved Hawaiian ices, milkshakes, fruit smoothies, baked goods, canned Asian drinks and a small variety of penny candy and toys. It’s a bit of a mishmash as they figure out …

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Posted by DID on 14 Jul 2015 [No Comments]
Cousins Maine Lobster

The Cousins Maine Lobster truck serves up fresh Maine lobster rolls in a chilled/mayo version or a hot, butter (Connecticut-stye) version. They also offer lobster and shrimp tacos, clam chowder, lobster bisque, tater tots covered in lobster and cilantro cream and the classic Maine dessert – whoopie pies.

This is a locally-owned truck that is a part of a bigger Cousins Maine Lobster franchise, that many folks might remember from their turn on the popular show Shark Tank. Apparently they have a direct connection with some lobstermen in Maine …

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Posted by DID on 23 Jun 2015 [7 Comments]

My grandfather worked for Celenese in the seventies and his job took him (and the rest of the family including my dad) from Charlotte to Venezuela. My dad came back to the states for college and the grandparents stayed in South America for over a decade. When they returned to North Carolina, they brought back with them a giant stone water filter and family arepas nights.

My grandmother would break out the bag of masa, hand form the patties and drop them one by one …

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Posted by DID on 29 Apr 2015 [5 Comments]
The Glass Jug

There used to be just one beer game in town and that was (and some would argue still is) Sam’s. But for those who live on the other side of town, the Glass Jug is a respectable alternative. With a friendly vibe, solid selection and true bar setting – The Glass Jug would be a regular haunt for us if we lived in this part of Durham.

Not only do they have impressive selection of bottles and cans, The Glass Jug has a dozen or …

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Posted by DID on 27 Apr 2015 [3 Comments]
True Flavors Diner & Catering

Hidden in the same strip mall that used to house Papa Mojo’s is True Flavors Diner & Catering. As the name implies one half is a catering business and the other is a modern-take on the classic diner. There’s a counter and a handful of tables with a herb garden and long display of glass-covered confections. It’s a small place that’s ideal for parties of two or four. True Flavors has a charming decor that lets you easily forget you’re in a strip mall across from an …

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Posted by DID on 26 Mar 2015 [5 Comments]

We know, we know –  you’ve probably already been and formed a strong opinion for or against. It seems Dashi was all that the foodie community talked about for weeks after its opening this past winter. The lines wrapped around the block, the instagram shots flowed freely and suddenly everyone in Durham was hankering for ramen. Dashi seems to inspire strong feelings, either complete and utter devotion or a quick dismissal based on the prices. We’ve managed to check both the upstairs tapas bar and the downstairs ramen shop.

First up, this …

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Posted by DID on 3 Mar 2015 [No Comments]

Somewhat quietly amid the openings of Dashi and Gonzo’s, a new sushi/Japanese joint opened up in American Tobacco. Located in between Moe’s and Tobacco Road, Basan has been discovered yet by the masses. You can still easily stroll in on a Friday or Saturday and grab a table without waiting, a rarity in Durham.

Basan is also offering another rarity in downtown Durham, quality sushi. We’ve tried Basan a couple of times and have been impressed with the quality and cut of the fish they’re serving. We’ve learned …


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